1957 - Daddy's Auto Body gas dragster - Ivo put his motor in this dragster and drove it only one weekend. The next day he abandon the T and built his first dragster...!!!


1957 to 1959 - Buick gas dragster - World ET Record -
This car had great success instantly. It was the world's quickest gas dragster! If you recall, NHRA was running gasoline only during those years. Nitromethane had been banned by the National Hot Rod Ass'n.


1960 - Twin Buick gas dragster - Multiple World Record's
This was the badest bear in the woods - it set THREE barrier records, for the first 170 mph, first for the 180 mph and first for the 8 second runs on gasoline fuel...!!!


1961 - Buick Showboat - SIGNATURE CAR -
These multi engine car were built during the years when NHRA limited racing fuel to gasoline only. This was the first exhibition car. Another innovative solution by Tommy after NHRA "surprised him" by banned the use of four engines in all classes. That's typical TV Tommy Ivo - you got rules? He's gonna STRETCH 'em...!!!


1962 - Second Twin-Buick dragster. This inline twin dragster was sold shortly after it was finisher and running. Why? NHRA finally went back to allowing Nitromethane in the top classes, so TV Tommy Ivo wasted no time building his FIRST Nitro-Powered Top Fuel Dragster...!!!






















1962 - Ernie's Camera Shop gas dragster
Ivo drove this dragster under an alias name. Why? Because the Movie Studio stopped him from driving racecars while he was co-staring in the "Margie" TV series...!!!

1962 to 64 - First Top Fuel Dragster - " The Barnstormer"
This car set multiple World Record's. The Barnstormer was the first car to break the 7 second barrier and first to run 190 mph. It went to England with Garlits in 1964.

1965 - Videoliner Streamlined Dragster
On the way to England, Steve Swaja designed this one-of-a-kind body for TV Tommy Ivo. Although it was slick looking (aka drop-dead georgous!) it was 'way ahead of its time. Aerodynamically it just didn't work and was soon sold.

1965 - Red Winged Top Fuel Dragster
After the failed attempt to run a streamliner, this was the more conventional Top Fuel Dragster he then ran for one year. It was the first dragster to get crashed.

1966 - "Chartreuse" Winged Top Fuel Dragster, Fearless driving, fabulous photo!
TV Tommy Ivo's third Top Fuel Dragster. This was the longest wheel stand Ivo ever made - it carried the wheels past half-track before they settled down.

(editor's note - a lesser driver would have lifted. NOT TV Tommy Ivo...!!!)  

1967 - Psychedelic Top Fuel Dragster
It was the 60's, and TV Tommy Ivo came up with this outasite idea for his next paint job (from the scribbling he had done in his school note book, back when he was a bored student). FAR OUT MAN

1968 - Psychedelic Top Fuel Dragster - with no rear body
This was the first time Ivo had two dragster in one trailer, including this light-weight backup car. He ran EIGHT (8) times in one week - two races on Sunday...!!!

1969 - Rainbow Top Fuel Dragster
This was the second dragster to have a disastrous crash. During the Indy Summer Nationals, the clutch exploded at the finish line and cut the car in half!
Yes, and he walked away again...

1970 - Race Car Specialties Top Fuel Dragster
Once again TV Tommy Ivo was ahead of the curve, carrying two dragster in one carrier. But not just any carrier - TV Tommy Ivo had his new one-of-a-kind GLASS-SIDED ENCLOSED TRUCK with a CORVETTE PUSH CAR ON THE ROOF!
(also shown on the home page of this site)

1971 - TV Tommy Ivo's last Front Engine Top Fuel Dragster
Although this was Ivo's most swoopy Front Engine Dragster, the new rear-engine dragster technology (spearheaded by the one Garlits *built) was taking over - faster and safer. Ivo's commitments wouldn't allow him to change cars till the end of the season.

*Garlits built his RED after the TorkFlite in his FED exploded, taking off part of his foot..Ouch!)

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