1966-TOM McCOURRY (new Showboat owner)
Tom McCourry bought Ivo's four engine Showboat dragster and he ran it for two years in 1964 and 1965. By that time it had been toured for a total of five full years, a very long life for a racecar. So, it was TIME FOR A CHANGE!


Funny cars were getting a large fan appeal at the Drag Races, so McCourry opted to install a full body on the dragster. The body consisted of a Buick station wagon body with a Rivera hood, front grill and bumper.


George Barris designed this miniature sized Buick body and Tom Hanna built it out of hand formed sheets of aluminum, using modified original Buick chrome trim. It was a master piece beyond description.


It became all new and fresh to the fans. Tom McCourry then put a fantastic paint job on it and it was right back, once again. Popular, and in very high demand on the Drag Race touring circuit. SHAZAM...!!!


The car had been retired for 15 years, then Tommy brought it back once again. TV Tommy Ivo carried it in a glass trailer (of course!) for his last national sweep before finally switching over to the even more lucrative national events tours.


Many, many people had read volumes about Tommy's four engine car in the automotive magazines but had never had the opportunity to see it. The crowds it drew for Tommy's Last North American tour were amazing, especially for a twenty-one (21) year old racecar.


Seen here with a back brace on. Tommy ran over a huge bump on one of those terrible tracks they ran on back then. That "bump" crushed three vertebrae in his back, and it ended his driving career - JUST LIKE THAT!!!


Tommy hired a driver to finish the tour, but he wanted to drive the car for the last run of his career. Of course, at the 1982 World Finals. He put a half dozen pillows in the cockpit for this run, then finished in typical TV Tommy Ivo style.


THE END..!!!


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