Age 7, 1943 - Tommy's first movie was a big money extravaganza. The story took place at the world famous night club -- Earl Carroll Theater in Hollywood. Known for its voluptuous chorus line girls...



Earl Carroll's was the New York-Ziegfeld Follies of the west coast. Tommy won this roll for his tap dancing ability and was front and center in this lavish scene. Not bad part for his first movie!



Tommy is pictured here in rehearsals with Pinky Lee. There were many days of hard work that went into making it perfect, before they actually started filming in front of the camera.



Tommy's costumes were designed to be like the Boogie Woogie Zoot Suits of the 1930's and 40's era -- PJ's and all. Here he is performing with The Woody Herman Band while they orchestrated the song, Rock-A-Bye Boogie.



Tommy took to acting like a duck takes to water, right from the very start. Looking this mad, when he was so happy he couldn't contain himself, was really the proof of this point.



Practice, practice, practice. When you're ringed by twelve (12) show girls AND the Woody Herman band, and with the cameras rolling, it had better be spot on.



Tommy was missing his two front teeth when he interviewed for the movie. The director was watching the line of boys tap dancing, made his choice, and said "I'll have the one with out teeth". Funny how things work out...



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