Age 16, 1952 - This movie was the sequel to Cheaper by The Dozen, a movie that Tommy wasn't avaliable for when they were making it. But, the studio included him in this sequel. He's the fifth kid from the left in this poster.



Tommy is singing again in this movie. Hoagy Carmichael wrote a song called Watermelon Weather (Tommy was allergic to watermelon). But he just "bit the bullet" and ate it only on Friday night so he could recuperate over the weekend.



Tommy's on the bottom row, on the left - OR - just look for the biggest smile! There were so many kids on this set that it drove everyone nuts. But what fun it was for us kids!



Here's the "Dirty Dozen" - Tommy and his kid-actor friends. They all used to go under the stage to play hide and seek in the structures. When they were needed for a scene, all the crew would just stomp on the floor to signal them.


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