Age 17, 1953 - This was a movie about the crossing of the Atlantic on the Mayflower. Tommy died of TB, scurvy and pneumonia. And just as his body hit the water on a burial at sea, they spotted land. Talk about having a bad day!



Tommy played a London street ragamuffin who weaseled his way on board ship with thoughts of becoming a King in the new world. His wardrobe was made of burlap and was really, really itchy. Nice!



The sets on the movie were the most fantastic ones Tommy had ever seen. The inside of this ship set would rock up and down, done by big elevator weights with attached cables. It almost made him sea-sick!



This ship set was built inside a stage containing a huge swimming pool. When they had a storm at sea, all the wind fans and fire hoses made it look just like you were in a storm. You can see Tommy looking out of the lower right-side hatch.


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