Age 18, 1954 - This was the last movie Dean and Jerry did together. Tommy could easily see why they broke up. Jerry was very entertaining on the set, but he drove Dean nuts with his antics.



How many people do you know that have kicked Jerry Lewis in the shins (they had it well padded of course)? But Jerry warned Tommy that he wouldn't live to see his next birthday if he missed that pad!



In the movie, Tommy's mother was trying to sneak him on board a train as being under twelve. When Jerry didn't have enough money to pay the fare, he stole Tommy's clothes and got on board for half fare himself!



After doing this scene, Tommy saw Jack Benny standing to the side. Mr. Benny commented "Very Funny" and walked away. Meanwhile Jerry was crawling around on the floor. Hitting people on their toes with a hammer. HE WAS NUTS...!!!



Does this look like a future race car driver? Tommy never played the leading man, but always played the "Clark Kent part of the Superman story" when he was acting. Then he drove his 200 mph race car on the weekends!

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