Age 8, 1944 - Tommy's third movie was with Roy Rogers. Tommy's absolutly favorite movie star. Tommy Ivo thought he had died and gone to heaven when he got this part...!!!



At age 6, in Denver, Tommy had ridden this Merry-Go-Round horse that he had named Trigger -- (the name of Roy Rogers horse). When they tore down the Merry-Go-Round, Tommy bought that horse and has it mounted in the loft of his home. It remains there today...



While setting up the barn for the Halloween party in the movie, Tommy's swearing Dale Evens to secrecy regarding what costume he's going to wearing to the party...



When the big Halloween night finally came, Tommy became the first Mini-Me in this movie, only it was a Mini-Gabby Hays. Once again, Tommy put his considerable singing and tap-dancing skills to good use!



Now let's see; Tommy is at the head of the conga line with Dale Evens, Roy Rogers, Gabby Hays and a line of chorus girls right behind him. And they were paying him handsomely for doing this. Suckers!


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