Age 12, 1948 - Tommy was back to playing a cripple again in this movie. He was a very rich, awkward and lonely kid. But the fashion had changed and the curly hair years were gone, from this movie on. Ya, Ya, Ya...!!!



Daisy the Dagwood dog was in this movie once again. Both Tommy, and one of his biggest rivals, Gary Gray, got the two available roles in this movie. You can see why they'd compete for the same parts.



The guys on the team felt sorry for Tommy being a cripple, and let him take a pinch hit. Surprisingly, he got an "eyes-closed" lucky hit. Then the next problem was, as the story went, he had to get to first base...



The only way to get to first base for the win, was to crawl. So everyone on the team. Including his rich father and Daisy the dog, rooted him on. The movies were pretty hokey in those days!


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