Tommy's big break came when he landed one of the leading roles in the stage play "On Borrowed Time". He was billed as "INTRODUCING Tommy Ivo!" ...and every studio casting director in town took in his performance.


The all star cast includedd Boris Karloff (the monster in "Frankenstein") and Margaret Hamilton (the wicked witch of the west in "The Wizard of Oz"). Still quite young, Tommy didn't sleep very well during the nights when he was performing in this play!



Boris-Karloff played Tommy's sweet old Grandfather in this play. He was not the monster with the square head and pins sticking out from his neck (stomping around as he walked) as Tommy, of course, had expected...



Beulah Bondi, who had played James-Stewart's mother in "It's a Wonderful Life" played her signature "sweet old lady" again in this play. Ralph Morgan, however, cast in this play as The Grim Reaper (aka Mr. Death) again caused even more sleepless nights for young Tommy during these performances...



Boris Karloff announced "I don't know what Tommy Ivo is going to do with his life, but whatever he decides to do, he's going to be great". Who knew Championship Race Car Driver would be his choice...!!!


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