Age 14, 1950 - This is Tommy's second favorite movie (although it's really in a tie for his favorite one). It came in second partly due to the fact that is was a much smaller production and was shot in black and white. It took only one tenth of the time to make.



Here's a poster from when it was released in Mexico. Tommy would've loved to have seen the Mexican version, with Tommy speaking Spanish. But English and Spanish. (note - the volcano sounded the same in both English and Spanish - NO KIDDING!!!)



In this movie, Tommy's dad traps animals and sends them back to Zoo's. While Tommy was staying with his parents in their jungle outpost, he meets Bomba, the Jungle Boy, who teaches him that animals shouldn't be caged.



When Nora, the house girl, follows Tommy to his meeting place with Bomba, she grabs his loincloth from it's hiding place and turns the "evidence" and him into his parents. Talk about getting a TIME OUT, he was grounded for a week!



The bad guys overheard Tommy telling his parents about the Lost Treasure City and kidnapped him, so he could show them where it was. Everyone has a bad day once in a while, but this was getting getting to be a habit with this movie...



Bomba comes to his rescue and cuts Tommy loose from his ropes. Then the volcano erupts and buries the bad guys in lava. His father quits trapping animals and everyone -- LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

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