Age 15, 1951 - This is Tommy's favorite movie. He traveled with a circus wagon, dived for priceless treasure, got kidnapped and burned down the house. Fun wasn't a good enough word to describe this big production Technicolor movie...!!!



Tommy and the movie cast worked on the movie three full months, then traveled together on a national premier tour. The cast almost became family, they were so close. It also paid off his house mortgage and bought him a new first car. That was a big plus...!!!



As the movie opens, Tommy is doing gymnastic stunts in a traveling circus wagon. But... he and the others are caught pick pocketing in the crowd! Maybe this touring circus was a hint of days to come with his race cars...???



So, after he and his Gypsy firends were chased off by the sheriff, he finds his way to William Powell's country home. Here he gets caught again, this time stealing fish from Mr. Powell's creek. Tommy just didn't make a very good crook.



After learning Tommy had run away from a orphanage to join the circus wagon, Doc (Powell) and his wife, took Tommy in to live with them. What they didn't know, was that they'd just invited Dennis the Menace into their home!



While hiking in the hills, Tommy comes across a cave with a hidden pirate treasure in it. Not wanting to upset his happy home, he chucks it into the bottom of a waterfall. He wasn't the sharpest knife in the drawer.



Life is good, till Tommy sets the house of fire with his chemistry set. They had the house plumed with gas lines and would set it on fire for every scene, then just turn it off 'till the next shot. How exciting...!!!



So Tommy goes back to the waterfall and almost drowned himself retrieving the treasure. And they all -- LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER! Tommy reaally felt "drowned" after spending days shooting the underwater scenes in a huge tank!


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