Age 22, 1958 - Tommy's 2nd favorite TV show was playing Shelly Fabares' boyfriend (who's hobby was Bird Watching). Tommy at least wasn't playing cripples or orphan's anymore, but a promotion to being a BIRD WATCHER...???



When Danny found out they were going to stay out all night watching for nocturnal birds, he jumped to the wrong conclusion and threw Tommy out of the house! BTW - this was shot like a play, in front of a live audience.



There's nothing better than comedy in front of a live audiance. Even it it meant that Danny was trying to strangle him all the time! That went on UNTIL Danny found that Shelly had a mad crush on Dean Martin, an older man!



After that discovery, Danny had second thoughts and tried to make Tommy into a suave Dean Martin type. But, as you can see, that was like trying to make a "silk purse out of a sow's ear", as they said back in the day. But, Tommy did get to act with Dean Martin again...



After coming home from three months of basic training with the Air National Guard, Tommy filmed his next show (note the short hair). But nothing had changed back on the home front. Danny was still trying to strangle him!


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