Age 13, 1949 - On the third Durango Kid movie, Tommy saw the machine they used to generate the cobwebs for this scene. Several years later, he borrowed that machine and, in the middle of the night, filled his buddies cars with cobwebs!



In this movie, Tommy so idolized The Durango Kid that he dressed up just like him, white horse and all. But, after hearing a (false) rumor that The Durango Kid had been involved in some hold ups, Tommy gave up on him being his hero...



While Tommy was burning his Durango Kid outfit, Steve, The Durango Kid's "Clark Kent" type (The Durango Kid's civilian disquise) rode by and listened to Tommy's story "The Durango Kid had let him down and Tommy no longer believed in him..."



All's well that ends well though, when it's found out that the "Bad" Durango Kid was an imposter. Tommy once again idolized The Durango Kid. This time, however, Tommy instead switched to dressing just like Steve!


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