Age 12, 1948 - Tommy Ivo was know to be the quintessential practical joker of drag racing - his prowess for this behavior was legendary. One can't help but think that playing these kind of parts in the movies had a LOT to do with fostering this very special talent...???


It starts while looking for a sponsor for a radio show.Tommy holds up the Hoosier Hot Shots band in his dads office (with an emply gun). They do make the deal, but then have to take Tommy along - to get him out of his dad's hair...!!!



Tommy plays Junior Nottingham, a spoiled rotten rich kid to whom nobody can say "NO" (nice gig if you can get it). This is exemplified by the over the top play suit he shows up wearing at the ranch estate radio station from which they aired.



Here he baits the maid into looking in a kaleidoscope that puts black rings on your eyes with ink. Could this have anything to do with that time, while on tour in 1960, when he switched out Prudhomme's shampoo with 10w motor oil?



He got use to the idea of playing with dynamite as well. Maybe that's why he didn't know better than to blow all the windows out of his buddy's house one night - with a huge Oxygen and Acetylene bomb (just for the fun of it)?



But nobody scared Tommy! This pic reminds him of how mad the other race teams got at him when he moved all the different colored hoods of their crew cab tow trucks around (from truck-to-truck) once after a long night of racing...



Talk about an E-ticket ride. Tommy was strapped in place on the drivers seat that was 9 feet off the ground, with false reins in his hands.  The "real" driver was laying under him in the foot compartment and actually drove the stagecoach through a hole in the front panel. Tommy stole this stagecoach for a joy ride in one scene (perhaps it was a glimpse of things to come). This "ride" was powered by only six (6) horsepower. Later on, when he started driving all kinds of racecars, horsepower would be rated in the thousands!


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