Age 13, 1949 - This was a sequel to Song of Idaho, and the place and time where Tommy got his taste for practical joking. He played an even richer spoiled rotten kid in this film, and it installed joking into his DNA. Tommy was a menace to everyone from that day on...


This movie once again starred Kirby Grant, who played Sky King in the 1950's TV series (his VERY RICH dad sponsored Kirby's TV show). But, in this movie, Kirby was stuck with babysitting Tommy again, to get him out of his dad's hair...



With Tommy being an even RICHER spoiled rotten kid in this movie, the worst his practical jokes got. Here Tommy's pouring ants down Fuzzy Knights collar (see the corner of his 90 room estate in the background).










Tommy Ivo with his first taste of driving motorized "things". He chases Kirby and Fuzzy all over the estate on a riding lawnmower and eventually herds them into the pool. Oh what joy that was. No wonder it became forever etched into his DNA - in his real life!



In drag racing, Tommy was known for his big smile - now you know where that came from. It was more of an IMPISH smile that he was flashing most of the time when he pulled off a huge joke on his buddies.



But even as he was always forgiven for his racing joke antics, Tommy was also always forgiven in the end of the movie. Here you can see the devilish twinkle in Tommy's eye, obviously thinking ''Wait 'till you see what's coming next, SUCKERS...!!!"


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