for video (intrvw scene) from "Ghost of Dragstrip Hollow"


Ivo had just got his T running when he got an acting job in this film. AND he also rented out his roadster for it. They did a lot of multi car dirt track car racing in it - really - DRAG Strip Girl - that's SHOWBIZ...!!!

Then came this forgettable epic that he acted in and rented his out his T to them again.  After this one, TV Tommy Ivo made TV films only. But he was starting to race a lot now, and the car got upgraded to six carburetors.

GHOST OF DRAGSTRIP HOLLOW from Clare Sanders on Vimeo.



The T roadster, as you can see, was in this film by itself. The crooks used it for a get away car - GOOD IDEA - No one would notice it racing down the road to get away from the cops - that's SHOWBIZ again...!!!

Tommy's four engine dragster was in this movie AND his fuel dragster - the one in the middle on this poster. Ivo got Prudhomme an SAG (Screen Actor's Guild) card, since his dragster was in it too, and they both did the stunt driving for it.

This movie was actually a very good documentary film with "a cast of millions" as they say. But Ivo, for a change, was glad to be included (along with his fuel dragster) in a film of a such fine quality.















Bonnie Bedelia (who played Shirley) was up for an Academy Award and won the People Choice Award for this fine film. Ivo was a technical adviser and stunt driver and almost crashed the car from the camera weight!

Ivo got a big kick out of visiting the set and seeing what it took to reenact him racing Don in the last round at Indy in 1965. It was hot and the guy that played him had on only the part of the fire suit that showed.

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