Age 11, 1947 - Tommy says this was the "FINEST MOVIE HE EVER MADE" in a multitude of ways. It was star studded and up for EIGHT (8) academy awards. He worked on it for six months, playing the part of Arnie.



The director had a strings tied to Tommy's big toes, telling him to groan when he pulled on one and cry out with the other. Being playful in one scene, he pulled them in rapid order...!!!



Tommy played a cripple in this movie and he had to wear a steel brace on his leg in order to create a perfect limp. It was very, very annoying to wear, but, as they say, THE SHOW MUST GO ON!



Tommy had to grow up in the movie and had his hair cut short. He also wore an inch thick padding under his clothes, on location, in 105 degree heat. That was hot, hot, hot. But his goldy locks were gone - Ya, Ya, Ya...!!!


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